July 2023 Quotes

July 2023 Quotes

This month’s quotes are all ones that speak to my writer’s heart. Some of them have been on my annual vision boards before. Some hang on the wall above my writing desk, and a couple of them have been hiding in my writing quotes photo album. As always, save them if you’d like.

You know the saying, right? That all the best ideas come when you’re half asleep? It’s true, kind-of. My kids have this saying called, “Shower thoughts.” Referring to things they thought of in the shower, and often they are off the wall whacky. The brilliant ideas hit me while I’m running errands, as opposed to showering.

That happened recently, and I had to pause in the middle of what I was doing to jot down the idea. I have a notebook and pen just about everywhere for moments like that, and sometimes I use it, and sometimes I send myself a voice memo instead. 

I’m not sure if I’ve been up at three am in a long time writing, but I know last November I was up well past midnight. Mostly encouraging fellow writers to type like the wind to meet those writing goals. 

This is one of those quotes that’s been sitting in my photo album for a while. As the quiet person who sits in the back of the room, I feel this quote. Deeply. In fairness, I have another quote I may have already shared that says, “I don’t know what I’m thinking until I write it down.” Also true.

I communicate with an amazing friend and almost every single one of my texts starts with, “I have to write this out so I know what I’m thinking!” And the funny thing is, that by the time I’m done writing it all out, I’m like, “Thanks Annie, now I know exactly what I think!” 

Ahh, so maybe one reason this speaks to me is that sometimes I don’t sit quietly enough to know what I’m thinking either. Now there’s a thought to meditate on for a while.

I feel you, Charlotte, right down to the tips of my toes. And I mean, what splendid company to be in, because I absolutely adore Jane Eyre. I know, I know. I hear the silent groans from a few of you. I’ve never truly enjoyed Austin’s works as much as Bronte’s, though. 

As for writing, there’s just something so peaceful and calming about it. Not that everything I commit to paper {or screen} is worth rereading or saving, but it can be quite cathartic to write things out as you process them. 

This sums up what Bronte was saying, but a little more poetically. You can actually purchase a much prettier version of this quote by the author herself over in her Etsy shop. Something I didn’t know until I went to chase down exactly who had said this. It was a quote that hung on my writing vision board back in 2019.

After reading this, I rather think that Hermione Granger and Stephen King might be kindred spirits. I’m mixing in a bit of Anne there, though, aren’t I? Well, let’s be honest if Stephen King wants to hang out at the library, he’s bound to be bosom friends with many characters in literature.

I hope you’ll forgive me for not being a huge fan of Jane Austen. I have read some of her books, but they are often a slog to get through. I’ve found it interesting over the years that people who love Austen’s works usually dislike Bronte’s. Maybe you’re one of the rare people who likes both!

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