She hides behind pseudonyms, effortlessly sliding into each one. In editor mode, she draws strength from Scarlet Market, who slashes words without mercy, perfecting each new story. Until Zoe Konfety waltzes through, leaving a wake of vibrant glittering confetti to celebrate every minute victory. Curled in a chair, buried under a quilt and lost in her novel, she becomes Hannah Dewey, book enthusiast. In moments of chaos misplaced amongst a sea of people, she’s Jane Smith, the forgotten wallflower. On weekends, when rest is imperative, she descends into Patricia Dolittle. Yet, buried underneath it all, she remains her true self.

The concept for this story came from a writing prompt where you device 5 different pseudonyms for yourself and then write a fictional biography based on those names. I’d started pondering names a while back, and presumed I was rather clever with some, making them fit the persona each person represented. I think the one sentence bios could fit anyone if they were in the right mood.

As I write this, I believe I’m channeling my inner Scarlet Market, while wishing I could be Patricia Dolittle. Although, I’d love to be Hannah Dewey and go finish my current book, and as soon as I finish composing this note, I’ll quickly become Zoe Konfety, celebrating my victory.

Which one are you feeling today?

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